About Us

Metro Vancouver manages Metro Vancouver Recycles in collaboration with the Recycling Council of BC (RCBC). The data is powered by RCBC’s Recyclepedia, which is kept current by RCBC’s recycling hotline team of Environmental Advisors.

Metro Vancouver Recycles makes it easy for you to donate or recycle just about anything. It is a database and search tool for residents and businesses to access information on where to recycle or donate different materials across the region. The easy-to-use tool allows searches by material and location, and displays a map of recycling drop-off locations and details such as hours of operation and contact information. There are thousands of drop-off locations listed, including regional recycling and waste centres, recycling depots, non-profit organizations, recycling processing facilities, material recovery facilities, and landfills.

To report an issue, get more information or make a suggestion, contact RCBC:
Email: hotline@rcbc.ca
Phone: 604-RECYCLE

To learn more about waste management in our region contact Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Services:
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Email: solidwasteoperations@metrovancouver.org
Phone: 604-432-6200